A Brief History

As a mother, I've always struggled to find the right balance between giving my child time to unwind and enjoy their summer and enrolling them in academic or enrichment camps. Summer camps fill up quickly, and we often could only secure a few weeks. This left me wondering how my child would occupy their time for the rest of the summer - mindlessly watching TV or playing Minecraft, perhaps? While I'm not against some relaxation and screen time, I also wanted to offer meaningful learning opportunities and expose my child to topics they were genuinely interested in. I wanted them to learn from an outstanding instructor and connect with peers to develop important social skills.

That's why I created Project Explore: Kids! Our courses are only one week long, so my child can still attend in-person camps, visit family, or simply relax for the rest of the summer. I now feel comfortable working from home, knowing that my child is engaged in learning something new and exciting, and making friends along the way. And let me tell you, the teachers are fantastic!

A little more about my inspiration for this project: My son Julian is a sweet 8-year-old entering 3rd grade. We've been thrilled to watch his academic progress and his love for learning grow. He even helped us create some of the course topics that we hope to offer in the future as this business grows, like "Life in the Universe", "Fantastic Beasts", "Dive into the Human Body", and more!

I also have a wild and sassy 4-year-old daughter who keeps us on our toes. I can't wait for her to join in this learning journey when she's ready. Right now, we're trying to master colors, numbers, and the alphabet. She's already mastered: singing nursery rhymes, making up words to her books, and most importantly, rolling her eyes. :)

Where we are today

We are in our launch phase of this project and seek YOUR help to spread the news and invite new learners!  It's always hard to do something by yourself the first time, so have your child invite a friend to take a course with them and help us connect more children to their interests!  

We hope to provide a wider range of courses throughout the school year and into the following year. Thanks for your support! 

Look out for information to come if you'd like to donate to our efforts so we can widen the variety of course offerings! As we grow, we'd like to continue to offer scholarships to increase access for students in underserved communities. We look forward to you joining the cause!